“The Danger In Telling The Whole Story”

ImageEveryone always wants to be as transparent and truthful as they feel deep inside their hearts; but, with a realization that, it’s not every truth about oneself that should be shared, especially, with the ones we hope to make a lifetime commitment to.

Every new relationship is very vulnerable, and so, many are compelled to tell the whole story about themselves. But, there’s the danger in telling the whole story to another person; most times, they either can’t handle the story/truth, or they may never forget what was told. Many at times have fallen into disappointments for sharing their true stories, with no knowledge of the outcome of that act.

It’s always good to be honest and open to those we hold close to our hearts, but, stories unquestioned or unasked of, must always remain silent within you. Not every ear you speak into is a listening ear, and not every heart is an understanding one. Do not dig your own grave, keep your story to yourself.


2 thoughts on ““The Danger In Telling The Whole Story”

  1. One should always be honest. But one’s life is not given freely and without value. Often we justify in words, our actions and deeds, but, unless that person is a part of that time, or understands us deeply we will lose them in our own recall of events. Worst of all who wants to be judged by yesterdays. And how do u know that person agrees with you. People who tell all often don’t tell the truth they tell a script that they have repeated more then once without much thought like playing to audience. They seem to not know what they really share about themselves, they lose value when all have heard the most intimate part of their lives, play by play. We know the person is just going thru the motions not true, emotions. We know heartfelt truths are petty games of pity and denial. Its good to share to get things off your chest and be honest with friends, family and your partner, but there are limits and levels and considerations of depth to one’s revelations.


    • Thanks LR
      You are right
      There’s a limitation to what we must share with others, in order to protect one from misjudgment and disapproval by others. There are a lot of things that happen in our lives, that are not audience worthy.


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