“Dusts from the past”


Everyone has a past they either; want to forget, try to erase, or, wished never happened.

The past is an identity a person may have made out of; curiosity, ignorance, carelessness, loneliness, anger, specific hate, depression, and some do so out of adventure; sometimes, things happen beyond their control. But this is only a memory that will fade in time. Sometimes, people are judged, and even, cast away, because of their past life and/or experiences.  They are left to live through it all alone, however they can or wish.

The dangers from the past is much worse than what the future holds, and only time can heal the sores of the past. But, to intentionally raise the dusts from a person’s past is the most cruel and disrespectful thing to do to them.

Give others the chance to right their wrongs, and to let go of their pasts, even if it means that you won’t be a part of their future. Everyone deserves a chance; a chance to not live in the past; and a chance to sweep off the dusts from the past.


2 thoughts on ““Dusts from the past”

  1. To the past we must Burn, Bury and Bypass. If one looks back too often they will trip while moving forward. If we, or, if people are stuck there then it only opens not only possible old wounds and injuries it often affects the view of today with yesterday’s emotions. Before you can expect others to let it go I think each person must do so themselves if they cant conquer what is their own past they make it harder for others to see past, still in them. One cant say that is yesterday when they still do those things today, or have not yet dealt with yesterday. We do it in words, actions and patterns we often do things in cycles and breaking that cycle if its porn, cheating, over eating, bad behavior or suspect, morals must be done.


    • Correct!
      The past must remain buried and burned to ashes, and it all starts within us, as individuals, who are responsible for our own actions.
      Nice one LR!


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